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A pair of outlaws are offered amnesty by the governor if they will help to bring in a gang of desperadoes. However, they soon discover that there are more strings attached to the offer than they thought.
Season1 Episode 1 (pilot) Two outlaws agree to bring in a vicious bandit and his gang in exchange for clemency.  

Season1 Episode 2: The McCreedy Bust

Heyes and Curry are hired by a rich rancher to retrieve a stolen bust of Caesar.


Season1 Episode 3: Exit from Wickenburg

Heyes and Curry try to discover who is trying to drive them from a town where they have found honest employment.  
Season1 Episode 4: Wrong Train to Brimstone

Heyes and Curry pose as special agents hired to thwart a train robbery.


Season1 Episode 5: The Girl in Boxcar #3

Heyes and Curry try to deliver $50,000 to a town 400 miles away.

Season1 Episode 6: The Great Shell Game

Heyes risks his amnesty when he tries to set up a woman for a large gambling loss.


Season1 Episode 7

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Season1 Episode 8: A Fistful of Diamonds

A banker frames Heyes and Curry for a robbery and murder.

Season1 Episode 9: Stagecoach Seven Two gangs stage a shootout over the reward offered for Heyes and Curry.  
Season1 Episode 10: The Man Who Murdered Himself Curry drives a wagon load of dynamite while Heyes guides a group of archaeologists  
Season1 Episode 11: The Root of It All Heyes and Curry risk their chances for amnesty when they agree to help a woman recover a stolen letter.  
Season1 Episode 12: The Root of It All Curry tries to find out who is systematically killing the participants in a poker game.  
Season1 Episode 13: Journey from San Juan Heyes and Curry pose as cowboys rounding up maverick cattle.  
Season1 Episode 14: Never Trust an Honest Man Heyes and Curry mistakenly take a bag containing a fortune in diamonds.  
Season1 Episode 15: Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke When Heyes and Curry visit a friend who is sentenced to hang, everyone believes the two men know where he hid $100,000 in gold.  
Season 2 Episode 1: How To Rob A Bank In One Hard Lesson Heyes is forced to crack a bank's safe to keep Curry from being shot.  
Season 2 Episode 2: Jailbreak At Junction City Heyes and Curry bring in four holdup men and their loot, only to be thrown in jail themselves.  
Season 2 Episode 3: Smiler With A Gun A young gunman leaves Heyes, Curry and an old prospector to die in the desert after relieving them of a fortune in gold.  
Season 2 Episode 4: The Posse That Wouldn't Quit After helping Heyes and Curry escape from a posse, a woman and her daughters are charged with aiding outlaws.  
Season 2 Episode 5: Something To Get Hung About A rich rancher's murder mars Heyes and Curry's success in persuading his wife to return to him.  
Season 2 Episode 6: Six Strangers At Apache Springs A prospector's tough-talking widow hires Heyes and Curry to bring a hidden cache of gold down from the hills.  
Season 2 Episode 7: Night Of The Red Dog Heyes and Curry are among the group which has been given a map to a fabulous gold strike.  
Season 2 Episode 8: The Reformation of Harry Briscoe When Heyes and Curry help two nuns whose wagon has broken down, they don't know their simple act of kindness will lead to trouble on "Alias Smith and Jones".  
Season 2 Episode 9: Dreadful Sorry, Clementine Clementine Hale, a loveable con artist, tries to blackmail the boys into helping her in a $50,000 swindle.  
Season 2 Episode 10: Shootout At Diablo Station Heyes and Curry are passengers on a stagecoach that has been hijacked by a man who is determined to ambush Sheriff Trevors.  
Season 2 Episode 11: The Bounty Hunter Heyes and Curry are captured by an ex-slave turned bounty hunter, only to later save the man from outlaws.  
Season 2 Episode 12: Everything Else You Can Steal Heyes and Curry are accused of robbing a bank and must find the true culprits or lose their chance for amnesty.  
Season 2 Episode 13: Miracle At Santa Marta Curry is charged with the murder of a wealthy Easterner.  
Season 2 Episode 14: Twenty-One Days To Tenstrike Heyes and Curry join a cattle drive that evolves into a murder spree.  
Season 2 Episode 15: The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone! Heyes and Curry are hired to dispose of a very expensive bust of Caesar.  
Season 2 Episode 16: The Man Who Broke The Bank At Red Gap A bank owner charges Heyes and Curry with robbery.  
Season 2 Episode 17: The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg Heyes and Curry find themselves in the strange position of not only helping their captors, but actually wanting to.  
Season 2 Episode 18: The Biggest Game In The West Heyes deposits $200,000 in counterfeit money in the bank to assure his invitation to a high-stakes poker game.  
Season 2 Episode 19: Which Way To The O.K. Corral? Heyes and Curry are hired by a rich rancher to prove him innocent of a murder charge.  
Season 2 Episode 20: Don't Get Mad, Get Even Heyes and Curry lose a borrowed necklace valued at $50,000.  
Season 2 Episode 21: What's In It For Mia? Heyes and Curry declare war on the ruthless woman who had them beaten and thrown out of King City.  
Season 2 Episode 22: Bad Night In Big Butte While trying to avoid a bounty hunter, Heyes and Curry are conned into helping their old friend Georgette Sinclair.