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In the late 1800's a new addition to law enforcement is evolving. Forensic science is in its infancy and the Wild West will never be the same. Enter Federal Marshall Jared Stone (Tom Berenger), the product of the Old West who has the smarts to know that the times are changing and he has to change with them. With ex-Pinkerton Agent Larimer Finch (Peter O'Meara) and local mortician Katie Owen (Amy Carlson), they make up Silver City, CO's., newest crime fighting team.
Season1 Episode 1 (pilot) In 1880s Colorado, a gruff, middle-aged marshal forms an unlikely partnership with a young, cocky eastern detective to solve the murder of a land baron.

Season1 Episode 2 (29 Seconds)

Using a new technique called 'ballistics,' Stone and Finch reveal the innocence of a convicted murderer but must catch the real killer before the execution on the town's new 'hydraulic" gallows takes place.

Season1 Episode 3 (No Excuse)

A dead body discovered at the edge of town disrupts the Mayor's promotion of Silver City to political party leaders.
Season1 Episode 4 (Dead To Rights)

A grizzly double murder points to Indian renegades; as Finch works to identify the second victim, Stone tries to track down the killer while keeping the army's involvement, and one major's prejudice, from causing more bloodsheds.

Season1 Episode 5 Legend of the Gun

Legendary gunfighter Cole Hawkins comes to Silver City to lay his legend to rest and maybe find some peace, but first he helps his old friend Stone track a group of stagecoach hijackers.

Season1 Episode 6 (The Perfect Crime )

When the Silver Star Mining Company is robbed, Finch is confronted with his past and struggles to find evidence. Stone helps him realize there is no such thing as a perfect crime.

Season1 Episode 7 (The Witness)

A wanted fugitive, the beautiful Miranda Blanchard, comes under some heavy scrutiny from Stone and Finch after she witnesses a murder. On the lam and terrified for her life, she turns to the law to protect her.

Season1 Episode 8 ( Bad Company)

Two oilmen bring the promise of progress to Silver City, but when Stone and Finch investigate the murder of the Mayor's brother-in-law, they find out how far some people will go for big bucks.

Season1 Episode 9 ( A Town without Pity)

When the new minister is assaulted and his wife kidnapped, Stone hunts down the culprits, but struggles to find justice in the outcome.