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On Jack of All Trades , American spy Jack Stiles is sent by Thomas Jefferson to the tiny East Indies island of Palau-Palau where he teams up with British agent and inventor Emilia Rothschild to thwart the efforts of Napoleon and France in that region of the world. While acting as Emilia's man-servant, Jack dons the masked garb of the legendary Daring Dragoon and fights the local French Governor as well as thwarting various other schemes against America. This series stars cult-favorite Bruce Campbell and is produced by director, producer, actor, and writer Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spiderman).
Season1 Episode 1: Return of the Dragoon Jack Stiles, an American spy, is sent to the East Indies where he teams up with a British secret agent to stop Napoleon.  

Season1 Episode 2: Sex and the Single Spy

Jack gives Emilia lessons in seduction for a mission against a French spy.


Season1 Episode 3: The Floundering Father

Blackbeard kidnaps Benjamin Franklin for Napoleon, and Emilia and Jack must save him before he builds a dangerous weapon.  
Season1 Episode 4: Once You Go Jack

Former flame Kentucky Sue tracks down Jack with marriage in mind.


Season1 Episode 5: The People's Dragoon

Jack dons a dragoon's disguise to recover a gold shipment that was stolen by Governor Croque.
Season1 Episode 6: Raging Bully

Jack must face Napoleon in a game of poker in order to win back the state of Louisiana.


Season1 Episode 7: Daddy Dearest

Sir Rupert Smythe, a highly decorated British spy and Emilia's father, arrives to supervise a mission.


Season1 Episode 8: One Wedding and an Execution

Emilia agrees to marry Napoleon in order to save England from an invasion.

Season1 Episode 9: Croque for a Day When the Inspector General (Lex Matheson) comes to town, Jack (Bruce Campbell) impersonates Gov. Croque (Stuart Devenie) to avoid having him replaced with someone more competent.  
Season1 Episode 10: Dead Woman Walking A grave robber plies his infamous trade in the name of the Daring Dragoon.  
Season1 Episode 11: Love Potion #10 Croque's (Stuart Devenie) job is on the line when his wife (Ingrid Park) spreads word of their unexciting marriage. With Bruce Campbell and Angela Dotchin.  
Season1 Episode 12: Up the Creek Jack and Emilia encounter the explorers Lewis and Clark who, after being stranded on Palau Palau, don't believe the Revolutionary War is over.  
Season1 Episode 13: X Marquis the Spot Jack and Emilia must visit the Marquis de Sade's island of pain to retrieve King George's stolen crown.  
Season1 Episode 14: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Opera Mad King George's life is threatened at the opera, so Jack and Emilia attempt to protect him.  
Season 2 Episode 1: A Horse of a Different Color When her champion horse is stolen and thought to be on Pulau Pulau, Katherine the Great (Danielle Cormack) comes to the island and threatens to destroy it unless her horse is returned within 24 hours.  
Season 2 Episode 2: Shark Bait Blackbeard (Hori Ahipene) helps Jack and Emilia (Bruce Campbell, Angela Dotchin) try and stop one of Leonardo da Vinci's kin (guest star Michael Hurst) from killing America's founding fathers.  
Season 2 Episode 3: Monkey Business Jack (Bruce Campbell) and Emilia (Angela Dotchin) find themselves competing against one another when they each receive orders to return a priceless artifact to their home countries.  
Season 2 Episode 4: The Morning After Napoleon is intent on sending a special gift to the world leaders and only Jack and Emilia can stop him.  
Season 2 Episode 5: Croquey in the Pokey When Croque (Stuart Devenie) is thrown in jail, Jack (Bruce Campbell) finds himself in the slammer protecting the Governor from every islander he ever threw into prison. With Angela Dotchin and Stephen Papps.  
Season 2 Episode 6: One, Two, Three, Give Me Lady Liberty Jack and Emilia learn that a statue Napoleon intends to give to America as a gift is actually a Trojan horse in disguise.  
Season 2 Episode 7: Hamnesia
After a blow to the head, Emilia develops amnesia and almost exposes Jack as the Daring Dragoon.
Season 2 Episode 8: Seventy Brides for One Brother Emilia is kidnapped and forced to join the harem of a powerful sultan.