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The Big Valley is the Emmy-winning saga of the Barkleys, set in 1870s California. They're a close-knit family, wealthy and prestigious, but use their power to help the less fortunate homesteaders who struggle for a piece of the new land. The cast features Barbara Stanwyck as the matriarch, Linda Evans as her daughter, Richard Long as Jarrod, Peter Breck as Nick, and Lee Majors as the stepson.
Season1 Episode 1: Palms of Glory The valley residents turn to the Barkleys when the railroad threatens their farms and ranches.  

Season1 Episode 2: Forty Rifles

Heath considers letting a Civil War general join his mission; guest Andrew Duggan.


Season1 Episode 3: Boots With My Father's Name

Obsessed to learn her late husband's past, Victoria endangers her life in a mining town.  
Season1 Episode 4: The Young Marauders

Audra's beau, supposedly a traveling horse trainer, is part of a violent band of extortionists.


Season1 Episode 5: The Odyssey Of Jubbal Tanner

The government wants an old man's land as the site for a beneficial dam; guest Arthur O'Connell.
Season1 Episode 6: Heritage

Heath faces off with the young head of a fanatic society secretly planning to blow up a Barkley mine.


Season1 Episode 7: Winner Lose All

A Spanish nobleman threatens to foreclose on ranchers when Heath falls for his daughter (Katharine Ross).


Season1 Episode 8: My Son, My Son

Infatuated, the son of neighbors attempts to force himself on Audra.

Season1 Episode 9: Earthquake An earthquake traps Victoria in a cave with a violent drunk and a pregnant Indian; guest Charles Bronson.  
Season1 Episode 10: The Murdered Party Jarrod incenses neighbors and family when he defends a man accused of killing a prominent Stockton resident.  
Season1 Episode 11: The Way To A Killer Nick's childhood friend discovers anthrax in his herd while it is pastured on Barkley land.  
Season1 Episode 12: Night Of The Wolf Bitten by a rabid wolf, Nick waits out the disease's incubation alone, to spare his family; guest Ronny Howard.  
Season1 Episode 13: The Guilt Of Matt Bentell Heath claims a new foreman was once commandant of a corrupt prison camp in the Civil War; guest John Anderson.  
Season1 Episode 14: The Brawlers Nick takes on the leader of Irish immigrants who settled illegally on Barkley land; guest Claude Akins.  
Season1 Episode 15: Judgement In Heaven Jarrod tries to reform an outlaw's girlfriend (Lynn Loring) by having her spend Christmas with the Barkleys.  
Season 1 Episode 16: The Invaders Cutthroats wound Heath while Nick and the hands are away; guest Yvonne Craig.  
Season 1 Episode 17: By Fires Unseen Nick's new fiancee joins the family on an annual camping trip in the mountains, but jealousy ends in tragedy.  
Season 1 Episode 18: A Time To Kill An old school chum of Jarrod's may be a counterfeiter and bank robber; guest William Shatner.  
Season 1 Episode 19: Teacher of Outlaws Victoria is startled to learn why outlaws kidnapped her while she was substituting for a schoolteacher.  
Season 1 Episode 20: Under A Dark Star Jarrod insists on helping an ex-inmate whose murder conviction was overturned; guests Bruce Dern, Albert Salmi.  
Season 1 Episode 21: Barbary Red
A dance-hall girl (Jill St. John) helps Jarrod rescue Nick and some ranch hands shanghaied by a captain.
Season 1 Episode 22: The Death Merchant A killer involves himself in a quarrel between the Barkleys and neighbors, already resulting in a death.  
Season 1 Episode 23: The Fallen Hawk After Heath asks a friend to do a job, the man is thrown from a horse and paralyzed; guest Marilyn Mason.  
Season 1 Episode 24: Hazard In a secretive town, Jarrod investigates Heath's hatred of a man rescued from bounty hunters.  
Season 1 Episode 25: Into the Widow's Web Heath finds more than he bargained for when he takes the blame for killing an old love's drunken husband.  
Season 1 Episode 26: By Force And Violence Victoria forces an escaped convict at gunpoint to rescue Heath from beneath a mudslide; guest Bruce Dern.  
Season 1 Episode 27: The River Monarch The Barkley men must clear their father's name of accusations of taking Union Army gold thought lost in a shipwreck.  
Season 1 Episode 28: The Midas Man Audra falls for a speculator planning to foreclose on desperate ranchers to whom he gave high-interest loans.  
Season 1 Episode 29: Tunnel of Gold
Victoria helps a friend and her ex-outlaw husband who have opened a store next to a warehouse of gold.
Season 1 Episode 30: The Last Train to the Fair
A doctor treating train-passenger Audra for appendicitis meets enemies who reveal a secret from his past.